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Vote 1 on Saturday November 24th
Damien Cole: Independent Candidate for South Barwon


I am Independent and I am Local.

Looking at the state of politics, and where it has brought our community today, I see a growing disconnect between politicians and the communities they were elected to represent.

Our needs are not being heard. We are living in a built environment shaped in the 20th century; yet now dealing with 21st century challenges, to which it seems like our “leaders” are stuck in a mindset which is no longer viable or sustainable.

So, I’ve decided to stand up as a voice, not only for the people of South Barwon but for anyone who has ever felt like the system is letting them down.

We need to restructure our priorities and processes to ensure a better tomorrow for all community members. Ensuring economic growth stems from social and environmental prosperity and not at its expense.

I will be your voice, for our community.

Authorised by Damien Cole. Level 1, 38-40 Bell Street Torquay, Victoria 3228


Damien Cole Independent for South Barwon


I am committed to:

• Development with values

• Supporting small and innovative business

• Safe, Healthy and Equal Women

• Getting serious about climate change

• I will work for YOU and ONLY YOU

 Please contact me with any questions you may have.


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