Our Plan

I’m fighting to tackle 21st century issues, with 21st century solutions.


Addressing the Climate Emergency


This is the single biggest issue facing humanity today, we must address this emergency immediately and systematically, in order to leave a legacy for future generations that we can all be proud of.


  • Declare a climate emergency for the Seat of Corangamite

  • Create a legislative framework that makes climate change a federal government responsibility, relevant legislation, regulations and approvals processes requires that consideration of Climate Emergency is fundamental.

  • Create a Cabinet level position with the designated role as Australia's envoy to the world to encourage and assist all other nations to accept and act in a united effort to address the Climate Emergency

  • No new coal-fired power stations, gas mines or oil wells, and no expansions to any existing coal- or gas-fired power stations or mines.

  • An orderly phase out of fossil fuel mining, fossil fuel based electricity generation and consumption of fossil fuels

  • Remove all subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.

  • Transition to renewable energy with decentralised electricity grids and energy storage.

  • 100% of electricity generation in Australia to come from renewable sources by 2030. Support this by increasing the renewable energy target (RET), feed-in tariffs, regulations and support for various types of renewable energy generation, storage and demand management.

  • The RET not to include new large-scale hydroelectric power stations or electricity from burning native forests.

  • Net zero Australian greenhouse gas emissions by no later than 2040.

Protecting Nature


Because this planet is our home and our environment has given us everything. From clean air to clean water, food and shelter. Yet we are facing an ocean of plastic, have over 1,800 species at risk of extinction in Australia and an insect decline of 70%! since the 1970s. We must start treating this incredible planet with the love and respect it deserves.


  • Adopt rights of nature into the constitution (follows Ecuador’s lead in 2008)

  • Restore ocean health and fish stocks to reflect long term sustainability

  • Create policies that follow strong environmental-justice standards for people, for future generations and for other species.

  • Legislation for a 50% reduction of plastics by 2025

  • Protection of the Great Ocean Road

  • Legislated protection of Bells Beach surfing reserve

Building 21st Century Economics


Our economy’s reliance on infinite growth on a finite planet is a fundamentally flawed system. It is an unsustainable method, which has become a fundamental driver of Climate Emergency and biodiversity loss. Our 21st century challenge is to meet every individual’s needs while living within the means of our planet.


  • Future Generations Equity: Maintenance of the ecosphere is the first economic priority.

  • A paradigm shift from Quantitative Growth (GDP) to Qualitative Growth- in living organisms, ecosystems and societies.

  • Global Green New Deal: Australia’s part in a just transition to a new, better economy requiring unprecedented public sector investments & jobs

  • Massive job retraining to meet 21st century challenges

  • A major refit of energy and transport infrastructure to support renewable energy age.

Supporting Social Equity


Because every individual deserves equality, freedom from violence, adequate education and supportive health services in Australia. As a prosperous world nation it is our moral obligation to also provide those displaced by war and/or fleeing persecution a place to call home. It is also our responsibility to help our developing neighbours as they transition to sustainable economies.


  • Providing a humane and timely refugee application process on Australian shores.

  • Carbon Equity: Actively partner with developing countries in their renewable energy solutions

  • Offer Foreign Aid Equity

  • Refugee Equity: Australia must play a part in assisting refugees.


Your vote will help me work to get the balance right and keep Corangamite a place we can enjoy for generations to come.